Akademy 2021 ComDaAn Conference

The Community's adventure in Analytics land

Posted by Christelle Zouein on September 01, 2022 · 1 min read

Akademy 2021: The Community’s adventure in Analytics land

The talk’s recording is out on YouTube now. You can find the conference Kevin and I gave on ComDaAn here. During the talk, we discussed the changes I made to ComDaAn. We also used the multitude of tools the project offers to take a closer look at the KDE development community.

Doing this conference was a beautiful experience. I was able to practice my public-virtual speaking skill (interesting combination!) and to learn about tailoring my content to my audience, and most importantly it was an opportunity to get to know KDE better.

I have Kevin to thank for introducing me to KDE as well as to ComDaAn. So, thank you Kevin! Here’s to collaborating on more projects together.